Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus HEAD on Solaris

on 4/19/01 10:48 AM, Laszlo PETER at Laszlo Peter ireland sun com wrote:

> I have attached the patch for the above issues.

Thanks. I'll take care of integrating the patch. It looks good.

> I have one more issue around the volume monitor code though. If I start
> nautilus with a CD in the drive it comes up and displays the CD icon on the
> desktop but the label says "Unknown". Now, if I right click and choose unmount
> it ejects the CD but the icon stays on the desktop. Then, if I put in the CD
> again, it puts another icon on the desktop with the correct label (e.g. mp3
> (-;), so I have 2 of them. This only happens if the CD is in the drive when I
> start Nautilus. I didn't have a chance to test it on Linux.

You should follow up on this with Gene <gzr eazel com> as soon as possible.
Probably the next step is to make a bug report.

    -- Darin

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