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Alfonso Landin Piņeiro wrote:
>   I've been playing for a couple of days with this configuration. I
> should say i like it. If the problems i found are solved i would use it
> on may daily work. Here is the list:
>  · Folder layout != Desktop Layout: when $HOME is displayed in a window
> i would like it to be ordered automaticaly by name, but when displayed
> on the desktop at want to order it manually. The problem is that when
> nautilus is started desktop is ordered by name. I can reposition the
> icons, and it works for all the session. But if i close the session and
> open it again, i have the desktop again reordered by name. There should
> be a diference between folder layout and desktop layout.
>  · Not hidden files and folders created by progams. I want to be able to
> mark this folder to be hidden, but not dotted. Examples can be Nautilus
> or evolution folders and the file plugin130_*.trace created by the java
> plugin for mozilla.

a nice thing should be the .hide that tigert mensioned above. 
Plus the ability of right click on an icon on the desktop and select
'Don't show this on desktop'.
This adds the entry in the .hide file
It's still visible in Nauti. Yous should also be able to reverse the
process from a Nauti window by right clicking any item in the ~ dir:
'show/hide this item on desktop'
and voila.


> I think that -at least- in expert mode people should have the ability to
> choose his/her desktop directory, and to make it posible this problem
> should not appear. For people that think this is useless, i would say
> that they should test (by the linking workaround) before talking. If
> after testing they don't like it, at least they should think that there
> are people that like it. I'm not asking for it to be the default, but
> only to be posible to be done.
>   Alfonso
> P.S.: I'm not saying that people that talked here against this feature
> hadn't tested it.
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