Re: [Nautilus-list] [Fwd: Re: [Flames] RedHat 7.1]

> Has anybody tried replacing their RPM 4.0.2 with RPM 4.0 and then doing an
> 'rpm --rebuilddb'?  I guess it couldn't hurt to back up /var/lib/rpm
> first. I can't promise that this won't completely screw up your system
> since I haven't tried it.

Eeeek! Don't do this! If you do, chances are your rpm binary will crash
whenever you try to do anything (including an rpm --rebuilddb). Then
you'll have to get a 4.0.2 binary or rpm2cpio the 4.0.2 package and
extract the binary. Once you go to RPM 4.0.2, there is no turning back.


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