Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

In fact, I remember suggesting user testing to you on #nautilus, and I
don't recall anyone calling your idea "evil" or "wrong". So seriously,
do some formal user testing, it's a really educational experience.

I dont know if this counts as "user testing" but this is from my
original mail you replied to:

   "I talked with Garrett Le Sage (the artist guy) and he
   said he had a lot of trouble explaining to his family (he installed
   Linux with GNOME for them) that the files they saved did not go to
   the desktop, but they had to find them in this special directory.
   And those people were not never-used-a-pc-before -level, they had
   some computing experience beforehand. They learned how it worked and
   have no problem now. But
   should they need to learn such at thing at all?"

Now these are real people who *did* have trouble with this thing.



Here are the results of *my* user testing.

My mom is 50 some years old. She had never really used a computer in her life until late '99. This is the same lady who when by necessity had to type a letter in WordPerfect back in the old DOS days would request that I open the document, prepare it for her to type, and when she was done typing to save it and print. She basically used it as a glorified typewriter and "couldn't" learn more.

I moved out of state (to Cali) in '99 and as a going-away present, built her a computer and installed KDE (sorry, gnome wasn't ready) on it. I showed her once, "This is where all your stuff goes" while clicking on the "home directory" icon. That was all it took. She is now halfway proficient on it without any further help, other than to write a script to kill nutscraper when it went nuts.

I am curious to know what OS Garrett's folks were used to, as Windows has defaulted to "My Documents" for years. Does Mac use the desktop as $HOME? I don't think MacOSX does.


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