Re: [Nautilus-list] Huge nautilus changes coming

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> But as Havoc, Miguel, and others have already mentioned, libGal and
> libEel are both just a mess of reusable functions that the Evolution and
> Nautilus teams are splitting out of their respective projects. Both are
> currently made up of widgets and such that are constantly changing and
> thus need to have a release schedule coinciding with the project they
> were ripped out from.
> Both of these libraries are also not ready for public use. Once the
> widgets are considered ready, they will probably be moved into
> gnome-libs, gtk, glib, or wherever they belong. These libraries are not
> permanant. They are just a temporary spot for these development widgets
> to reside until they are finished.
> You are worrying over nothing.

I agree with this description 100%.


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