Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le sam, 14 avr 2001 10:02:16, Ben Ford a écrit :

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

I just dislike clutteredness.  I hate apps that fill my
$HOME with loads of dot-this and dot-that files. I'd much prefer a separate desktop dir (not dot-desktop) and a single .preferences directory


apps could fill with dot files to their hearts' content.

Why hide it ? As long as there is only *one* config root,
not-hidding it and providing esay access to it for the


would be a great feature. Besides, an ~/etc would be
consistent with the rest of the file system.

The only problem I have with that is that people may mess
with the files in there, not knowing what they are doing.

Well, some people like to mess in there :))

Having it
hidden at least adds a little protection.

You can filter it at the gui level (make the filtering od
~/etc an advanced option enabled by default). No need to
hide it. Besides, .files are not such a great protection,
they are fare too prevalent for most users not to know about

Not everybody uses a GUI exclusively. And the people that do know about dot files are likely going to be the ones who won't fsck up the files. The people who will have the capability of editing config files will be able to navigate to it.


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