[Nautilus-list] Restart of Nautilus is requires unusual actions

Hello List,

I can't stop and then restart Nautilus without some unusual actions on
my part. 

After starting, I get the following from "ps ax | grep nautilus":

 5739 ?        S      0:02 nautilus
 5762 ?        S      0:00 nautilus-throbber
 5768 ?        S      0:00 nautilus
 5769 ?        S      0:00 nautilus
 5772 ?        S      0:00 nautilus-notes
 5779 ?        S      0:00 nautilus-history-view
 5780 ?        S      0:00 nautilus
 5787 ?        S      0:00 nautilus-adapter

One remains after I close the program down using "close all windows"
from the menu:

 5859 ?        S      0:00 nautilus --sm-client-id

Once I attempt restart, Nautilus doesn't open - but another process

 5859 ?        S      0:00 nautilus --sm-client-id
 5871 ?        S      0:00 nautilus

and I can do this over and over:

 6348 ?        S      0:00 nautilus --sm-client-id
 6360 ?        S      0:00 nautilus
 6375 ?        S      0:00 nautilus
 6388 ?        S      0:00 nautilus

Killing any of the new processes is successful and uneventful, but if I
kill the process with the  --sm-client-id argument and there are none of
the 'basic' "nautilus" processes running, Nautilus quickly regenerates
itself.  If there is one or more of the 'basic' "nautilus" processes
remaining, I can kill the --sm-client-id process, then all the 'basic'
ones, and then can I start a new Nautilus session. This is the only
way.  Any ideas?

Of course I could just keep Nautilus running all the time - that's what
I usually do.

I'm running on RH 7.0 with Ximian Gnome.

Nautilus is great - thanks.

David Haffner
Science Systems and Applications, Inc. 
SESDA Program - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 
e-mail: david_haffner sesda com 
phone: 240-232-0311 Ext. 1071

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