Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

> I'd like to OK this patch for Nautilus, but there are some coding style
> mistakes and other stuff I am not sure about.

That is fine with me.  I can work with you guys to improve the patch.
I paid special attention to make sure that my code did not incur into
any slowdowns (there is obviously a bit of slowdown, but I tried to
minimize it as much as possible)

> Miguel, I know that your main purpose for this patch was to ship it in
> Ximian GNOME. I'm hoping you'll also be willing to make the changes so it
> can be applied to Nautilus. If not, I guess we can find someone to take care
> of that.

Would love to work with you.  I am a bit busy at times (I am right now
hacking other things, but I will certainly not want to minimize the
time I spend in the future maintaining this patch in our own by having
this adopted by the Nautilus maintainers).

> Patch looks good overall, but there are some issues. Please read my
> comments. A lot of them refer to the Nautilus coding style guidelines, which
> include all the GNOME style guidelines, plus the additions in the Nautilus
> docs/style-guide.html.

Sounds perfect.  I will get back to you


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