[Nautilus-list] trilobite build changes done

Im done creating the new trilobite module.  It consists of what used to
be nautilus/components/services and nautilus/components/rpmview.

eskil, mfleming, ian, robey and I had a small meeting to agree on the
directory layout of the trilobite module.  The new module should reflect
that.  I focused on getting directory and file names right.  A lot of
the functions names and other symbols are "wrong" because of the large
amount of renaming that happened.  Of course, the new module does
build.  Here are some of the issues we need to address:

1) eazel vs trilobite namespace.  All files, libraries and directory
properly use the 'trilobite' namespace.  Function names and other
symbols need to be updated for this.

2) idl files still use the Eazel namespace.  This needs to be made
consistent as well.

3) Make sure .oaf files refer to the right binaries.  I fixed all the
ones i consciously renamed, but its likely I missed one or two.

4) HACKING, AUTHORS, README, etc. have not been updated.  They are just
copies of the Nautilus ones.

5) nautilus-installer doesn't build.  I changed all the stuff that was
needed, but i didn't build it.

6) Eazel logos.  The summary view header widget uses a picture that
includes an Eazel logo.  We'll have to figure that out.

7) Create a new bugzilla module/component ???

Can some services hackers volunteer for some of these ?  At very least
we should file bugs.

Ill probably spent most if Wednesday picking up the pieces of the move
and testing stuff.

Oh, and nautilus has 34% less stuff.


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