Re: [Nautilus-list] More build changes coming (services)

Darin Adler wrote:
> > Do you mean "toplevel" as in a peer to nautilus, ammonite, and reef?  If
> > so, should we move the other Eazel-specific stuff, like eazel-logos,
> > elsewhere?
> No. This is not some attempt to "de-Eazel-ify" Nautilus, but rather to
> separate out the services into a separate package.
>     -- Darin

Sorry, I think I either wasn't clear or answered the wrong question.

Yes, trilobite will be a top level peer to nautilus, ammonite and reef.  

It is possible that we will find that the new trilobite module has an
artwork (or other data files) dependency on nautilus that is wrong.  By
wrong, I mean that only trilobite needs that artwork, but not
nautilus.   That's ok for now since trilobite has a dependency on

We might also discover that the affected artwork includes Eazel logos. 
For now Id rather not duplicate the Eazel logos makefile/configure stuff
in Nautilus.  We can deal with it after the main landing.


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