Re: [Nautilus-list] More build changes coming (services)

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 11:57:48AM -0700, Ramiro Estrugo wrote:
> This is what is going to happen, probably within the next 2 days or so:
>   nautilus/components/services
>   nautilus/components/rpmview 
> Will become a standalone toplevel module called 'trilobite'

Do you mean "toplevel" as in a peer to nautilus, ammonite, and reef?  If
so, should we move the other Eazel-specific stuff, like eazel-logos,

> All the EAZEL_SERVICES code in Nautilus (*) will change from being a
> compile time hack to something that is enabled at runtime based on the
> existance of installed services.  The existance of installed services is
> determined by making OAF queries to find out if a component that can
> handle the services uri scheme exists.  The services uri scheme for now
> will continue to be "eazel"  We can refine this mechanism more later to
> make this more generic if there is a need for that.
> As a result of this, Nautilus will not depend on Eazel Services at
> compile time anymore.  It will only depend on Ammonite, in order to be
> able to populate menus and toolbars with the right services user name
> and translate schemes in the Mozilla component.  We can also work on
> making this more generic in the future.
> If Ammonite is not found at compile time, then services menus will not
> be as useful, but they will work.
> Of course, for services to work at all, the trilobite module would need
> to be built and installed.
> (*) Theres only 3 places where such code exists: Menus, Toolbars and
> Mozilla component.
> -re

Don Melton
Director, Client Engineering
mailto:don eazel com

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