[Nautilus-list] More build changes coming (services)

This is what is going to happen, probably within the next 2 days or so:


Will become a standalone toplevel module called 'trilobite'

All the EAZEL_SERVICES code in Nautilus (*) will change from being a
compile time hack to something that is enabled at runtime based on the
existance of installed services.  The existance of installed services is
determined by making OAF queries to find out if a component that can
handle the services uri scheme exists.  The services uri scheme for now
will continue to be "eazel"  We can refine this mechanism more later to
make this more generic if there is a need for that.

As a result of this, Nautilus will not depend on Eazel Services at
compile time anymore.  It will only depend on Ammonite, in order to be
able to populate menus and toolbars with the right services user name
and translate schemes in the Mozilla component.  We can also work on
making this more generic in the future.

If Ammonite is not found at compile time, then services menus will not
be as useful, but they will work.

Of course, for services to work at all, the trilobite module would need
to be built and installed.

(*) Theres only 3 places where such code exists: Menus, Toolbars and
Mozilla component.


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