[Nautilus-list] 2 pretty unrelated questions...

I was thinking about Nautilus' desktop drawing, and thought of a couple
things that I would guess are pretty easy to fix, but would make a
fairly big improvement.  

1. A snap-to-grid feature: I know that this has been mentioned
before....is it a high-priority feature addition, or something that
won't come about for a while?  (If it isn't high-priority, and would be
a relatively easy feature addition for someone unfamiliar with the
nautilus codebase - where should I look to add it in?)

2. The two icons that kind of bother me on the desktop are the Home
icon, and the Trash icon.  (Services isn't ideal either, but I can live
with it)  The don't seem to match the rest of my desktop icons all that
well, in style or with their colors.  I preferred the Sunflower icon
that used to be there a while back for the Home icon.  Trash kind of
sticks out too, and really strikes me as more KDEish than GNOMEish.  Is
it changeable somehow?  If the default is going to stay as it is, a
mechanism to change it would be good enough for me.  

Anyway, this is just something I was thinking about......


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