[Nautilus-list] Re: Nautalis Needs


> > 1) The Find with Emblems to work,  Some do, Some Dont.
> What cases don't work? I don't think we've heard about any specific problems
> here. It would be great if you could write up a bug report at
> bugzilla.eazel.com.

I cant get items with Emblem New or Draft to show up in a specific
search on emblems.  If I search for items not with NEW emblem I get
results, if I search for not Draft emblem I get no results.  I get
results for a search on the Important emblem.  All files have should
have been indexed.

> We already have this feature, actually. It's called "Reveal in New Window"
> and is available in the File menu (and right-click context menu) when one or
> more items are selected in the search results.

Yep, thats what I was after, how about making the where column int the
search results a link to this feature?  Thats what I was expecting and
whhy I thought it was not there...

> application. Each file type can have zero, one, or multiple viewers and
> applications set up for it -- you can choose the one you want using the
> "Open With" submenu. In what way is this not sufficient for what you want to
> do? 

Well, it looks like I can only tick or untick built in viewers, I cant
select gqview as me image viewer, I cna make it an application I

Also, I really like the windows "send to " menu, I would put a simple
text viewer in ther and send files to this rather than the windows set
editor for a particular file (ie html, send to notepad rather than
frontpage...) with out making a default action for the file type...

> We're hoping to come up with a good design for these kinds of global
> settings soon.

Excelent...  I have really started to use Nautalis a bit of the last
week, still I need to drop into the shell a lot, mostly for cp amd mv

One thing that bugs me and I have not mentioned is excutable scripts...

I clicked on a python script I wrote, it's executable, and set to call
python like one woulkd expect, Nautalis opened it in it's inbuilt text
viewer...  Would realy confuse Joe Enduser I imagine...  Once again I
could set up the default action but I think one like this should be the
default as shipped.

If the emblem thing gets sorted this then I imagine Nautilus will become
really usefull, 



  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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