[Nautilus-list] Re: Nautalis Needs

on 4/3/01 12:45 PM, Rob Brown-Bayliss at rob ZOOstation cc wrote:

> HI, I hope this is the right address, but incase I have CC's the gnome
> list as I guess eazel folks read it as well.

nautilus-list eazel com is a more appropriate choice than gnome-list. I
changed that in this reply.

> Things I think Nautalis needs:
> 1) The Find with Emblems to work,  Some do, Some Dont.

What cases don't work? I don't think we've heard about any specific problems
here. It would be great if you could write up a bug report at
> 2) In the searches, it would be great to be able to open a directory
> that the found file is in as well as open the file.

We already have this feature, actually. It's called "Reveal in New Window"
and is available in the File menu (and right-click context menu) when one or
more items are selected in the search results.
> 3) In the pop up menu (and file types settings) an edit menu.  So I
> could set in the file types a viewer and and editor for each file type,
> then eiter open it to view use teh menu to edit.(ie images, I want to be
> able to view them in a simple viewr, or open them with the Gimp, but
> Gimp is to heavy foir a viewer.

It sounds like you're describing GTK's view/edit split. Nautilus has a
distinction between viewing within a Nautilus window and opening into an
application. Each file type can have zero, one, or multiple viewers and
applications set up for it -- you can choose the one you want using the
"Open With" submenu. In what way is this not sufficient for what you want to

> 4) System wide file types as well as user overides...  I recently made
> chages to get RTF and .doc files to use WordPerfect, but then had to
> make the same changes for other users on my system (Lukily there are
> only 4)
> 5) user defaults for all folders.  For example I like to use the tighter
> layout, but I have to set it for each new folder I enter.

We're hoping to come up with a good design for these kinds of global
settings soon.

> thats all for now... except the one you already know about: SPEED

Thanks for the feedback!


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