Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus thoughts and issues

on 4/3/01 9:22 AM, Gérard Milmeister at gemi bluewin ch wrote:

> Also using sawfish, you cannot click on the desktop
> icons, sawfish menus appear instead.

Hmm. I think that depends on your sawfish configuration. I use sawfish and I
don't have this problem.

> Another suggestion: Put the whole lot of nautilus
> helper applications (e.g.  nautilus-text-view) into
> something like $prefix/libexec/nautilus, otherwise
> they do what I would call filesystem pollution.

The way OAF works requires that the processes that serve OAF components must
be in your path. It uses the same PATH as any other way of starting up an
executable. So if these files were installed into a different directory
other than bin, we'd have to somehow get this into people's PATH. Not sure
how that would work.

    -- Darin

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