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> > I've just installed the latest snapshot, and apart from medusa crashing
> > rpm as it installs (weird) it's nice, especially the font stuff. Some
> > comments:
> This bit about "medusa crashing rpm" sounds like a serious bug.  Can you
> file this at with information about your system ?

Typical.  A few hours ago I tried three times to install medusa, so this
time I start rpm -Uhv, with gdb and strace at the ready, and it worked.
No idea!

> > * the kerning seems a little tight. Attached are two images showing
> > Nautilus, using Tahoma as the font. That is my GTK font so I know that
> > it displays properly normally.
> If I knew how the kerning is supposed to work, I can probably work on
> this.  If you know about this (especially with regards to freetype2)
> please file a bug about how it should work.  The screenshots help and
> maybe you could attatch them to the bug report.

Sorry, I have no idea how this should be done, just how it should look.
:-(  Should I file a bug anyway?

> > * why are there two different types of font lists? One has the GTK font,
> > lucida, times, courier etc; and the other has a subset of fonts which I
> > have installed (appears to be a selection from the TTF fonts)  What I'd
> > like to see is the GTK font available in all selections, and then an
> > educated guess for a shortlist of fonts, then finally an option to
> > "select another font" which would bring up the font selector dialog.
> The issue here is that Nautilus' usage of smooth text completely
> bypasses the x server.  Hence the 2 different font pickers for each case
> smooth vs non-smooth.  In the smooth case we do all the font reaping
> from the system by hand.  In the non-smooth case we use the normal x
> font machinery.  But, as you point out, the choices in this case are
> hard code.  The widgetry/preferences for picking fonts is a little
> better in the CVS HEAD version of Nautilus.  I also have plans to make
> the non-smooth font picker better.  We already have bugs for these
> issues.  You can add comments to the specific bugs here:

I see.  I assume this will change when GTK supports the Render
extension? After lunch I'll read the bug reports and post any
interesting comment I have.

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