Re: [Nautilus-list] List view colors

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> I know. Ramiro and all your team did a wonderful job on most
> of these. However the problem of computing a decent 100%
> font size on non-75dpi displays remains, which means I must
> use at least a 200% view to get a decent font size, which in
> turn while annoying in icon view makes the icon view totally
> impossible to use if one wants to see more than 4-8 files in
> a window.
> But Ramiro wrote a while back he had some ideas how to
> tackle this problem post-1.0, so I'm just holding my breath
> for this nuisance to vanish forever:))
> --
> Nicolas

[I took some people out of the cc line, lets just use the mailing list

Besides the list view bugs already file (and other non list view font
bugs as well) you are bringing up a new bug here.

The issue is that in Nautilus we are using pixel sizes to query for
fonts, which is "wrong" (I just read in my XLIB book) because these are
resolution specific.  So to make non 75 dpi displays such as yours (and
mine!) happy, we need to use point sizes and let the x server figure out
the resolution.

I just filed a bug for this, please add your comments there:


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