Re: [Nautilus-list] List view colors

Le lun, 02 avr 2001 22:00:36, John Sullivan a écrit :
> on 4/2/01 12:22 PM, Nicolas Mailhot at
> nim rousalka maisel2 rezel enst fr
> wrote:
> > Done as bug 7967 for the tree view. As for the list
> view,
> > various font problems (all reported in bugzilla) ensure
> I
> > almost never use it.
> You might want to check how many of these are still
> problems for you. We
> (mostly Ramiro) have made tons of changes to font handling
> throughout
> Nautilus recently.

I know. Ramiro and all your team did a wonderful job on most
of these. However the problem of computing a decent 100%
font size on non-75dpi displays remains, which means I must
use at least a 200% view to get a decent font size, which in
turn while annoying in icon view makes the icon view totally
impossible to use if one wants to see more than 4-8 files in
a window.

But Ramiro wrote a while back he had some ideas how to
tackle this problem post-1.0, so I'm just holding my breath
for this nuisance to vanish forever:))


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