Re: [Nautilus-list] any projects of multiple view ?

on 9/12/00 7:43 AM, Adrian Dimulescu at dadi esential ro wrote:

> Hello: I was wondering -- is Nautilus going to support multiple
> views -- I think that would be very useful. Does GTK permit that ?

You can get multiple views of the same directory right now by making
multiple windows. For example, one window could show an icon view and
another window a list view of the same directory. In versions of Nautilus
after 1.0 we might add features that give you multiple views in the same
window, if find a way to do that which makes sense and is clear.

GTK definitely makes that possible. The only hard part is deciding how we
want the design to work. The actual implementation of a feature like this is
not too difficult.

    -- Darin

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