[Nautilus-list] [spam] bugzilla.eazel.com now has Bugzilla Helper as default bug reporting option


    I've finally pushed the Bugzilla Helper (renamed spontaneously by
Arlo to be the "Nautilus Bug Reporting Assistant"), and added a link to
it from bugzilla.eazel.com. (The Bugzilla Helper is a tool to help more
casual contributors write bug reports that are useful to engineering.)

    The bug reporting form that you've been using is now "Report a bug

    Please note that migrating the Bugzilla Helper to Nautilus is the
only JavaScript thing I've ever done, and I really had no idea what
I was doing. ;) I think I've found and fixed all the bugs that I added,
but if you have any problems with the helper form (or the bugs reported
through it), please do drop a line.

    See you,


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