Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus on Debian

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>>>>> "TK" == kitame debian org (Takuo KITAME) wrote...

TK> Hi.
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>>>>> "GB" == gbowland tartarus uwa edu au (Grahame Bowland) wrote...

GB> I built Nautilus on Debian GNU/Linux today, so I thought I'd document the 
GB> procedure and stick it on a web page. Thanks to the many people that helped 
GB> me when I bothered them.

GB> Some of this isn't optimal, and some of the configure arguments are probably 
GB> overkill. It worked for me though :)


    Sorry, your is just build tips not binary package. 
    I understood now. 

    Mine is binaries.

    Then I have a little tip for you.
    libw3c-libwww is not Debian official package.
    Debian's one is 'libwww0'(and 'libwww-dev').

Debian Project Official Developer / kitame debian org 
Debian Project

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