Re: [Nautilus-list] Desktop window

Le jeu, 16 nov 2000 17:24:52, John Sullivan a écrit :
> on 11/16/00 2:52 AM, Ross Burton at r burton 180sw com
> wrote:

> Nautilus uses a screen-covering window instead of drawing
> on the
> pre-existing desktop, as you saw. The main reason is to
> use anti-aliased
> graphics, which is not possible if each item is
> implemented as a separate
> window a la gmc. We do not plan to change this approach.

Is there any plan to integrate nautilus with a good
wallpaper manager ? The gnome capplet is a bit primitive.
There are more complete gnome apps out there. chbg comes to

And don't get me wrong, but anti-aliased fonts take a very
little part of the screen. I won't trade them for a good way
of setting the wallpaper.


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