Re: [Nautilus-list] cut/copy/paste

Ali Abdin wrote:

> * Jon Allen (joncallen hotmail com) wrote at 12:54 on 10/11/00:
>> Ben Ford wrote:
>>> Why not add a container to the panel on the left (sorry don't know >what >>> it's called) where files would go while in limbo. You could >either drag >>> files to the container or right-click -> cut/copy. This >would allow a
>>> multidimensional cut+paste history, it wouldn't have to >be linear.
>>> Perhaps the default when you did a right-click -> cut, >right-click ->
>>> paste would be linear, but you could also open the >clipboard component and
>>> drag files/text fragments/images/etc out of
>>> it.
>> A good example of similar functionality is in M$office2k - Word has a
>> 'Clipboard' toolbar, which accepts multiple cuts/copies/etc, which you can
>> then choose to paste from.  This can be very useful.
> I think the Eazel folks expressed their dislike for the "clipboard" style of
> cutting/copying/pasting files.
> What would be better though is if we have a 'File SideBar' which is just a > place where you can "move" or "copy' files into (temporarily), and which you > can then move them out of (you could also have keyboard bindings (Move to File > SideBar, Copy to File SideBar, Move from File SideBar, (and maybe even Copy From
> File SideBar).

I'd like that a lot. Could be very handy for organising a large collection of files. This is an example of something I do often:

I have a folder called "Incoming" on my disk where I download programs and documents. Every now and again I decide to clean it up, so I go through it and delete everything which is not what I was after, then move the rest of the files into the correct directory (i.e. Win32/Programming, Linux/Internet, Documents/Specs/XSLT) by dragging and dropping. If I had a File Sidebar I could move all of the files I wanted to keep onto it, then go through each of my folders one by one, moving into it relevant files from the sidebar.



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