Re: [Nautilus-list] Status...

>> On the other hand, the main potential for "rm" disaster stems from its
>> lack of an Undo feature...
> That's true. I was imagining a Delete feature as just like rm,
> i.e. not undoable. If it were undoable, it would be sort of like
> putting the item in the trash only invisible, which seems rather
> confusing UI-wise. In particular, there'd be no way to ensrue the item
> is permanently gone, if you can always Undo a Delete.

This is no better than a Delete with no undo.

If the user does even one action we consider important enough to undo, then
they're just as out-of-luck as before.

As for supporting a multiple undo architecture to alleviate this... that's a
whole different problem with all sorts of memory and disk space related
issues (in the context of file deletion).


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