Re: [Nautilus-list] [OT] Ok here's an idea

That's a cool idea, but at this point, it's probably to late in the game
for linux to get such a thing, unless one wants to just use the linux
kernal and redo all the user applications.  However, to do so it outside
the scope of the GNOME project (the GNOME team has a lot of traditional
UNIX people who like files and files system as the currently exist), which
means that the GNOME project still needs a way to allow normal people to
manage files.

Joshua Boyd

On Wed, 24 May 2000, Jeff wrote:

> Maybe this ain't the place for this. The other day I was talking to a
> friend of mine and they said something that I thought was interesting.
> Wouldn't it be good if you never had to be concerned with files. I mean
> just think how cool it would be for a user, if they never had to deal
> with the file system. Why do you need to worry where things are stored,
> wouldn't it be good if your computer just did it. I know this is just
> something that will probably never happen, but instead of thinking about
> how to manage/present the file system why not think about how to
> hide/get rid of it for the user and have the computer just doit.
> Anyway keep up the good work
> Jeff
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