Re: [Nautilus-list] Quit/Desktop interaction

Ali Abdin <ALIABDIN aucegypt edu> writes:

> >     1) What should the name of the "get rid of desktop" menu item? Do we
> > need an item like this right there in the right-click menu or should it be
> > elsewhere?
> 'Remove Desktop Icons' - I thought of 'Remove Desktop' but that sounds 
> odd, 'Quit Desktop' or 'Shutdown Desktop' might make a user think it 
> shuts down 'X' entirely (which it doesn't). 

Nautilus desktop handling won't necessarily draw only icons. In the
future it will probably also allow embedding active content in the
desktop, a la Microsoft ActiveDesktop and such.
> >     2) Better name for the --desktop option?
> --with-desktop? --with-root-window? --root-window? (the --with stuff 
> reminds me of ./configure scripts)

Wouldn't do --with, how about --manage-desktop or something?

 - Maciej

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