[Nautilus-list] Wow!

I just got finished looking at all of the Helix Gnome Preview 2 and GNOME
1.2 screenshots and it's amazing. I tried Evolution a while ago and it was
beautiful. I just can't wait until it is as reliable as it will be. I would
also like to say 'thank you' to everyone working on these projects. You guys
are doing an amazing job, and (mostly) for free! I'm also glad to see most
of the Linux companies offerinG CDROMs now because it's really good to have
a hard copy when you don't have the net or your setting up a new computer. I
plan to buy it as soon as Nautilus is included in it. Right now I'm really
on the fench between Nautlis and Konquer. Nautilus seems like a much better
idea but Konq has just gotten there faster (but apparently it isn't that
great as it looks).  I've looked at the ChangeLogs but I was just owndering-
do you have any idea of how far you guys are? I know you can't stick to a
schedule that easily, but any rough ideas on percentages complete.

By the way sorry for cross-posting I'm just so excited.
Thanks so much,


t0ny de almEida l0pes
[someone sonic net]

*looks up* flex ya spirit man. yigga-yaw!


> From: Dan Winship <danw helixcode com>
> Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 12:04:28 -0400
> To: John Sullivan <sullivan eazel com>
> Cc: nautilus <nautilus-list lists eazel com>, gnome-components-list gnome org
> Subject: Re: [Nautilus-list] Bonobo changes break Nautilus & eog build
>> Dan Winship changed the BonoboPersistStream API but nobody updated Nautilus
>> or EOG, neither of which will compile with the latest Bonobo.
> My understanding was that anyone trying to use up-to-the-minute bonobo
> was expected to be paying attention to gnome-components-list.
> Anyway, you can see the diffs at
> http://primates.helixcode.com/~danw/persist-stream.diff. (The ones in
> the gnome-components-list archive are out of date, and the more recent
> diff that I posted there got filtered out for moderation because it
> was too long...)
> For EOG (and other components), you can probably just copy the sorts
> of changes made to bonobo/components/text-plain/bonobo-text-plain.c.
> For Nautilus (and other containers), you probably just need to add the
> new "type" argument to Bonobo_PersistStream_{load,save} calls, which
> can be "" if you don't know or don't care about the content type.
> There are also additional new features that you can take advantage of
> involving type-checking and importing/exporting multiple types, as
> explained in idl/bonobo-persist.idl.
> -- Dan
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