Re: [Nautilus-list] Bonobo changes break Nautilus & eog build

Gene is trying to get EOG to work.

I added NULL to the Bonobo_PersistStream_load call to get it to compile. I
verified that I could run Nautilus with this change so I checked it in
before getting this message. I'll now check whether changing it to "" causes
less segfaulting when visiting a text file.


on 5/26/00 9:04 AM, Dan Winship at danw helixcode com wrote:

>> Dan Winship changed the BonoboPersistStream API but nobody updated Nautilus
>> or EOG, neither of which will compile with the latest Bonobo.
> My understanding was that anyone trying to use up-to-the-minute bonobo
> was expected to be paying attention to gnome-components-list.
> Anyway, you can see the diffs at
> (The ones in
> the gnome-components-list archive are out of date, and the more recent
> diff that I posted there got filtered out for moderation because it
> was too long...)
> For EOG (and other components), you can probably just copy the sorts
> of changes made to bonobo/components/text-plain/bonobo-text-plain.c.
> For Nautilus (and other containers), you probably just need to add the
> new "type" argument to Bonobo_PersistStream_{load,save} calls, which
> can be "" if you don't know or don't care about the content type.
> There are also additional new features that you can take advantage of
> involving type-checking and importing/exporting multiple types, as
> explained in idl/bonobo-persist.idl.
> -- Dan

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