Re: [Nautilus-list] Need decision on help stuff

Ali Abdin <aliabdin aucegypt edu> writes:

> Okay, per Darin's suggestion, I have decided to write this up to the
> mailing. Yesterday, I was working on the Nautilus help component (not yet
> checked in due to severa pain in my hands).

Please be careful of your hands! Don't injure yourself coding, it's
NOT worth it.

> 3) mjs told "do it how man and info does it" - I pointed out above why this 
> doesn't work. It 'could' work if somebody hacked gnome-vfs' 
> to accept two different 'help:' entries

No, what I meant was make the `help' method force the mime type in the
same way the `translate' method does. Sorry if I was unclear. Look at
the translate method, see how it forces the mime type when processing
the -default-mime-type flag, and make the `help' method do the same
thing (since it is also a translator, just a more complicated
one). The `help' method knows that the results back from the pipe will
be HTML, even if the `pipe' method doesn't.

 - Maciej

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