Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus bugs.

> Quite often the window freezes after doing thing, for example last night I was
> moving 200files (about 20meg worth) from one window to another and although
> the move was completed in seconds (around 10) it took 5minutes for the windows
> to become active again. After that everything was fine. It used to freeze up
> for > a while when you changed dirs using the back and forward buttons but
> this seems to be fixed.

If you can give us a recipe for reproducing this (something like "move 200
files from one window to another and it will take 5 minutes for the window
to be active again") that works over and over again, it would be extremely
useful to the Nautilus team. You could then write us a bug report at -- I assure you we take those very seriously!

    -- Darin

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