Re: [Nautilus-list] Please add an XML namespace to Nautilus metadata serialization

> Consider the fact that the XML (meta) language is being employed to
> express a variety of datatype and format, and the fact that they
> supposedly they are all using the same Mime-Type (or basically only for
> a few of those language will actually get a mime type registered), the
> namespace is used as a way to disambiguate the use of XML data.
> Is this a decent answer your question ?

Decent, yes.

I was aware of the issue of different vocabularies within a single document
and knew that it didn't apply in our case. But I didn't consider this
possibility of using an XML namespace as a way to determine the type of a
particular XML file.

I still don't understand 100%, since as I understand it, the namespace is
not a property of the entire file.

    -- Darin

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