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I'm sure most of you saw these already.

    -- Darin

From: Sean Thomas Middleditch <sean middleditch iname com>
Organization: AwesomePlay Productions
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 17:06:48 -0700
To: darin <darin>
Cc: gnome-devel-list gnome org
Subject: Right Click

I know the file manager is being replaced, so I guess it doesn't matter
much for the current one, but maybe some ideas/suggestions for the next
generation file manager (which is Nautilus, right?)

  1) Ability for programs to add types to the "new" menu... so, for
example, Abiword could add an item 'New Abiword Document' so that you
could just right-click and start a new AbiWord document (not something
I'd use, but some people I'm trying to convert from Windows to Linux
seem to like the feature).

  2) Log-out option.  I'd love to just be able to right-click and select
log-out, I think it'd be faster and easier than selecting a menu on the
panel, and also it'd mean I could get rid of the logout button on my

  3) A way to create a new panel.  If I were to go and delete all my
panels, there's no way to use the GUI to get a new one back, since the
only way of adding a panel is to use the panel menu.  You may also want
an option that is by default turned on to disallow the deletion of the
last panel on the desktop.  Users who knew what they were doing could
turn this off then remove the last panel.

  4) A way for users to add menu options to the right-click menu, or
have the programs/favourites menu added to it.  That is a nice feature
of certain WMs, but I think the file manager should have it, too, for
WMs like Sawfish that don't manage that stuff.

Sean Middleditch

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