Re: [Nautilus-list] Metadata model

Ian McKellar <yakk-nautilus yakk net au> writes:

> typedef enum {
>   METADATA_DEPTH_ZERO = 0, /* get the metadata for just this URI */
>   METADATA_DEPTH_ONE = 1   /* get the metadata for this URI and its children */
> } GnomeVFSMetadataDepth;

Darin made some more substantive comments which I might have made some
of if he hadn't done it first, so I am going to stick to minor nitpicking.

Using a number for depth makes sense if it can be arbitrary, but if
the choices are an item only or the item and it's children, surely we
can come up with better names than zero and one.

But I am stumped at coming up with better names right now.

 - Maciej

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