Re: [Nautilus-list] HTTP Libraries

    Darin> I agree that using gnome-vfs instead would be a good idea
    Darin> in theory. In practice I don't know if the current version
    Darin> of gnome-vfs provides enough error handling and control.

  It does not at all, but I think it can be added.

    Darin> Does  gnome-vfs maintain  cookies at  all? What  about this
    Darin> other stuff? As far as I know, these issues are pretty-much
    Darin> all ignored by the current gnome-vfs HTTP implementation.

  Yeah, because I did that in, like, an afternoon.  It's unfinished.

  In any case, I think the current situation is a bit bad design-wise,
because the Mozilla running in  a separate process and Nautilus' GNOME
VFS layer will always be competing  with each other.

  So for  example, if  you open  a networked file  with GNOME  VFS and
figure out  you need Mozilla to  display it (because  e.g. it's HTML),
you need  to reconnect to the  same site with Mozilla  again.  And you
cannot keep persistent connections to sites to optimize things either.


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