[Nautilus-list] Next Monthly Nautilus Bug Day: Monday December 4th, 1600 PST

    The next Monthly Nautilus Bug Day will be on Monday December 4th at
1600 PST, ending when we finally collapse. Come join the Nautilus team
for more hands-on bug merriment, as we hack on builds, and find & verify
bugs together.

    (Bug Days are now the first Monday of every month, since too many
participants have been too busy to attend weekly.)


* To learn more about Nautilus Testing and how you can make a
difference, visit <http://nautilus.eazel.com/testing/>. To stay in touch
with Nautilus testers, please feel invited to join our mailing list at
<http://lists.eazel.com/mailman/listinfo/nautilus-test>. Regular source
tarballs & binary RPMs are available at

* Please note that Nautilus is still bleeding-edge, pre-release
software, and testing it requires installing many unstable packages on
your computer. If you're a casual GNOME user and would prefer to stay
that way ;), Nautilus Preview Release 2  from
<http://www.eazel.com/download> is your best bet.

* To translate your local time zone to PST,
<http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=224> displays
different time zones; PST is currently UTC/GMT -8 hours.

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