Re: [Nautilus-list] Compiling Nautilus + Evolution on same machine

    someone> Just some questions about that.  What is OAF?

  It's the new Object Activation Framework, which will replace GNORBA
in GNOME 2.0.  It's available from CVS.

    someone> Waht's up with gtkhtml, I can't find any web sites or
    someone> mailing lists about it.  What is it's status?

  Only a unstable release (0.1) has been made, and development is
going on quite intensively on the CVS server.

    someone> Does it support any implementation of the JDK or any
    someone> JAVA/JavaScript.

  There is no Java nor JavaScript support in GtkHTML at the moment.
GtkHTML aims at providing a lightweight HTML rendering/editing
component, not a full-featured web browser.

  There is probably going to be a 0.2 release soon, but we have not
quite decided when yet.


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