Re: [Muine] svn build error

2007-06-04 klockan 09:37 skrev Joachim Beckers:
> The solution would be to depend on the systems gsequence when glib
> <=2.13.0 and fall back on the one in libmuine otherwise.

The correct fix would be:

- Update the gsequence.[ch] copy included in Muine to the one in glib
- Update libmuine/pointer-list-model.[ch] to use the new API
- Use the included GSequence code only if not available from the installed glib

For now, I've committed a *very ugly* patch that changes all struct and
function names, so that Muine compiles again. ChangeLog entry:

| 2007-06-05  Wouter Bolsterlee  <wbolster svn gnome org>
|     * libmuine/gsequence.c: (g_old_sequence_new),
|     * libmuine/gsequence.h:
|     * libmuine/pointer-list-model.c: (pointer_list_model_get_iter),
|     * libmuine/pointer-list-model.h:
|     Renamed all occurences of GSequence* to GOldSequence*
|     and all occurences of g_sequence_* to g_old_sequence_*.
|     This is a very ugly work-around to fix the build with
|     newer GLib > 2.12 which has an incompatible GSequence
|     API.

Hopefully latexer will make a proper fix soonish :)

  mvrgr, Wouter

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