[Muine] [UI CHANGES 6/6] desrt's tray icon patch (as found in ubuntu)

[6/6] desrt's tray icon patch (as found in ubuntu) - Ignoring how this was
handled (I was aware of the patch being created, but never saw it before
ubuntu started shipping it), this creates a more "HIG behaviour" for the
tray icon, and allows the user to keep the current behaviour by setting
a GConf key. I'm not a fan of the new 'middle click pauses/unpauses',
and I'm also not huge on having "Yet Another GConf key to avoid a
configuration dialog", but do think the menu thing needs addressing in
some manner. This patch would at least provide an OOTB experience that
better matches that of most other applications with tray icons, and
would still allow folks to have the old behaviour if they so desire.
Another alternative, which may or may not be better is to create a 
"HIGTrayIcon" plugin, and a "OldTrayIcon" (or whatever you want to call
them), which are seperate installable plugins that have one or the other

Peter Johanson
<latexer gentoo org>

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