Re: [Muine] compile TrayIcon.cs

Hi Tamara,

Am Mittwoch, den 09.08.2006, 13:45 -0700 schrieb Tamara:
> The Mono.Posix.dll library, which contains the Mono.Unix namespace, is
> located in the Debian/Ubuntu package "libmono1.0-cil" and
> "libmono2.0-cil".
> Ubuntu has a full Mono setup, there should be no need to download and
> compile it yourself.  Simply install via apt:

I have mono completely installed, also devs and everything what 

apt-get build-dep muine 


Even there is no need anymore to compile TrayIcon I wonder why I
couldn't built it.

To say the truth: for a moment I though TrayIcon is a plugin for showing
via libnotify the current song. But then (after compiling complete mono
from source and writing my mail to this list) I recognized it is just
the trayicon applet. :)



Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni

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