Re: [Muine] TagLib

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 01:12 -0700, Brian Nickel wrote:
> I made my own TagLib implimentation in MuineTagger
> <> which wraps almost
> all of the fields that Muine uses. It isn't complete, as it needs to
> be modified to support multiple performers, but if you were looking
> for ~100% muine compatability in a project, I think my code could help
> inthat endevor. 
> Anyway, I proposed this type of solution before in this bug:
> <> but Jorn wants to
> go with native GStreamer tag support.

Just one recent example of Fluendo guys going to war on gstreamer
badness. (Fluendo has several fulltime employees working to make
gstreamer a viable platform) If something in GST sucks for us, we should
be letting them know and work towards making it work nicely, rather than
piling on more dependencies. (imo)

Brandon Hale

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