Re: [Muine] Some thoughts on playlist management


Yea, this is a known problem, but from the Muine side there is nothing
that can be done about it I think. Single-track albums are valid and do
exists, so having a certain minimum of tracks won't do.

The best I can suggest is hacking up a simple script that will strip
album tags off all your single songs.



On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 20:19 +1100, Tom Coleman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've always really enjoyed using muine because my listening habits are
> very album based, and muine fits my use case very well (I'm sure it
> works well more many others too). 
> However, for whatever reason, I have a collection of songs that aren't
> whole albums. Just random tracks that I liked and picked up along the
> way...
> The problem that this causes is that the Album list ends up having all
> these albums in it consisting of single (or a couple) of tracks. This
> means that its harder to find the 'real' albums, plus it can be a source
> of disappointment :) For me it would be more appropriate if those tracks
> were only to appear in the Song list...
> As it is I don't see any good way to fix this problem.. here's a couple
> of things I thought of
> 1) Define an album as having at least X tracks. Clumsy and generally
> bad, I'd say.. 
> 2) Use the 'total tracks' tag. However this is often not defined, plus
> it would probably be quite annoying if an album didn't appear just
> because you were missing one song (for whatever reason)
> 3) Define a seperate directory where 'single tracks' are placed.
> Although I think its clumsy, and perhaps asks too much from the user, I
> personally would be willing to do it..
> Does anyone have any better ideas? (I'll admit mine aren't very good :)
> Regards,
> Tom
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