Re: [Muine] Muine-shell fails to work

Valkyr wrote:
I am using muine version 0.6.3, is it too old?

yes, imho that can be the problem (but i'm not an expert on muine source code)..maybe at that time there was no dbus code at all..

> It's the the latest one
> in portage (using gentoo) and updating to the version of the site
> would imply upgrading a whole lot of dependencies...

yes, i know...the problem is not muine. the problem is gtk-sharp, which is used by muine. the latest stable version of gtk-sharp is 1.0.something, and muine needs 1.9.something...and the linux distributions just doesn't want to add an unstable gtk-sharp.
(by unstable i mean that it's unstable branch, not that it crashes)

i was also using gentoo...had to compile-from-source gtk-sharp and muine ;)

now i'm no ubuntu...and doing the same ;)

well, there are some inofficial packages of muine for ubuntu, but when i installed them i got a segfault...and then decided that i'll do what i always did, and compiled from source (maybe it would be trivial to find the reason for the segfault problem, but i'm lazy ;)

back to your question:

if you need dbus-support, "upgrade" to the latest muine. imho.


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