Re: [Muine] segmentation fault

I've had this problem whenever using the gstreamer backend. If you
recompile muine with the xine backend you should probably be okay. The
same behavior occurs using Rhythmbox for me as well. I think I have some
files in my large music library that crash gstreamer, you might too.
Since the crashes never indicate the actual file crashed on, there's
little I can do to debug the situation.

d. Taylor Singletary

On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 12:18 +0300, z wrote:
> hello,
> from a recent point now, i can hardly use muine and i rarely switch it
> on...i'm using ubuntu and i just upgraded the whole system to the
> newest packages. from then muine gives me segmentation fault. i import
> a folder - it gives me a segmentation fault and exits. today i decided
> to remove all traces of muine and then build it from source. i did all
> that. i switch it on and everything seems to work fine. i play a song,
> it plays till some random time and again it segfaults. i'm not quite
> aware what segmentation fault meas exactly and that's why i'm not able
> to fix the problem. is this fixable and what can be the source of the
> problem. i'm using muine 0.8.2 with the newest audioscrobbler plugin.
> thanks in advance!
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