[Muine] New plugin: Ruffle playlist generator

Hello all

Muine is great for finding and playing albums, but what if you don't
quite know what you want to listen to?  Then you'll love Ruffle, the new
plugin for Muine.  Ruffle is a playlist generator.  You decide what kind
of music you want to listen to, and it will produce a randomised list of
music matching those criteria.  A bit like Smart Playlists in iTunes.

Or rather, it could be just like that.  Ruffle is more of a framework
for different playlist generators.  What it does (or will do) is mirror
the Muine music library and add bits of information like music metadata
(well, not yet, but soon), ratings, BPMs, fingerprints etc.  It also
records every song the user listens to.  The playlist generators (I call
them schedulers) can mine this stuff to make their playlists.

At the moment the plugin does all the basic database stuff and there are
three rather basic schedulers.  There is also a Charts window where you
can see your personal top 10.

This is still very much in the alpha stage, but most of the bits that
are there work.  I'm hoping to get a bit of user feedback and some ideas
for future directions.

The Ruffle homepage is here:




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