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I while back I was stuck on windows 98 and terribly jealeous of this muine thing. So I tried to write my own muinish program in delphi. Soon, however, I got sidetracked on creating good id3 tag components, ipod connection components, amazon album-cover routines, bemused connections, and metadata extraction. (ok, I got pretty sidetracked ;)

The metadata extraction became pretty good and eventually I was able to read in a cd with mp3's that had horrible tags (or none at all) and create something coherent using the filenames. Programs to do this are pretty average, but mine did _not_ require the user to enter cryptic pattern matching strings. The muine thing was never really finished so it has never run outside the delphi IDE but I can verify that the extraction part worked pretty good.

I am now back on linux and the internet and was thinking of brushing of the code. I read a thread in your archives that you were a bit opposed to having muine figure the metadat out so i fiigured I'd better talk to you guys first if (a) you would be willing to incorporate this behaviour or (b) It would be possible to create it using a plugin.

Oh and (c) if i could bug people with stupid questions about c-sharp. I know how to program in various languages but c-sharp is a new one to me.

     Jauco Noordzij

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