Re: [Muine] [Patch] Better album defining

On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 22:28 +0200, gabor wrote:

> also things that you describe (some files ripped from a cd, some of them
> from a friend's itunes, some of them....)...maybe aren't that typical
> for the average user.... 

I don't really think so, A lot of my completely non technical friends
would burn their itunes mp3 directory to CD and give it to someone else.
And if you download music from Kazaa or somewhere, then quite often
you'll end up with mp3s that are correctly tagged, but tagged in a
different way from others.

> it just seems that we can come up with various heuristics do detect
> which file belong where (like if i have a directory called
> documents/music/rammstein/herzeleid/1.mp3 - 15.mp3, then that's an
> album),but imho we won't find all the cases, and:
> -we will complicate muine to handle those cases
> -but we still won't provide the power-users with enough options

No, we won't handle all the cases, and I don't think we should be
expected to either, but I don't think doing a case-insensitive compare
so that obvious things like "Waltz for Koop" and "Waltz For KOOP" are
both the same album complicates things too much.

I guess my view is that things should "Just work" for most people.


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