Re: [Muine] muine still doesn't build

On Thu, 6 May 2004, Lee Willis wrote:

> Can you build any other wsdl files? How about the google wsdl file
> (( -
> etc.

Yup, I can:

[psic4t c0re - ~]$ wsdl ./flashCDDB.wsdl 
Mono Web Services Description Language Utility
Writing file 'FlashCDDBService.cs'
> If not, it's likely to be a mono bug, however I can't reproduce it here,
> 0.6.0 builds fine for me with the Fedora Mono RPMS.

This seems not to be the problem. I really have no idea what causes this 

My system again:

Mandrake Cooker (development branch)
> Lee
Public Key ID: 0x8078B10C

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