[Muine] Re: Bug#236790: Artist name containing - wasn't properly found


I had another look at the album database and it occured at "De Phazz -
Detunized Gravity": First I had a look at www.amazon.com: They have the
album available at

My .mp3s were stored at  De-Phazz/Detunized Gravity/xx - De Phazz -
Track Name.mp3 and they were not tagged at all, I changed the filename
and tagged them properly to match the Amazon wording, still no match at
all. (Even rebuilt the muine database).

Sorry for giving the false hint - I thought it could all be made up by
replacing the " " with "-" and vice versa, but I have no clue at all,
why it can't find the album cover.

Hope it helps,

Am Do, den 11.03.2004 schrieb Link Dupont um 09:21:
> package muine
> forwarded 236790 muine-list gnome org
> thanks
> Forwarded to muine developers. I posed the question on the mailing list,
> and got the following response:
> http://mail.gnome.org/archives/muine-list/2004-March/msg00015.html
> As per instructions, I'd take this to either the muine-list
> (muine-list gnome org) or open a bug in bugzilla.gnome.org in more
> detail.

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