Re: [Muine] Amazon lookup

On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 18:15, Link Dupont wrote:

> without "-" could serve as a fallback.
> Doesn't it already do this sort of fallback?

Yes. It does the following: (From CoverDatabase.cs)

      s = s.ToLower ();
      s = Regex.Replace (s, "\\(.*\\)", "");
      s = Regex.Replace (s, "\\[.*\\]", "");
      s = s.Replace ("-", " ");
      s = s.Replace ("_", " ");

ie, strips "-" and "_", anything in brackets, and lower cases the

This is applied to the album cover as taken from the MP3, and the Amazon
string before they're matched. They're also not matched exactly, as long
as 60% or more of the words in the MP3 title are in the Amazon result we
consider it a match (There's a fuller explanation in the archive I think

I'd be interested to see the album name, and album titles that didn't
match. I'm not too familiar with the Debian bug system can you reply?
(Or ask the reporter to raise a corresponding bug
with the details and I'll take a look from there).

Lee Willis <lee leewillis co uk>

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